Great Article from the Illawarra Mercury

Jul 23, 2020

"Hat's off to Parker, chasing more success with proven breeding ground"

Thank you to the Illawarra Mercury for a great write up about Albert Nocera's breeding success with his mare, Witches Hat.

We have had the pleasure of training many horses from breeder, Albert, in particular, the offspring of his mare, Witches Hat.

Witches Hat has thrown the likes of Virgilio, Genoveffa, and the new up and comers, Don Luigi and the newest progeny being a Shamus Award filly.

The mare has proven herself to be a success in the breeding barn with Virgilio, by Snippetson, securing wins and placings at Goulburn to Kembla Grange to Warwick Farm and Canterbury, taking his total wins so far to an impressive amount of $229,950.00. 

Like Virgilio, mare Genoveffa, by Dreamscape, has also secured wins and placings at Queanbeyan to Goulburn to Hawkesbury, Kembla Grange and Canterbury.  Genoveffa has also pocketed a tidy till of $131,245.00 to date.

Excitingly, we now have youngster, Don Luigi, a 2 year old gelding by Nicconi, in the barn at the moment.  He is the namesake of the original 'Don Luigi' who Parker had in his barn, another successful horse of Albert's. 

Don Luigi recently trialled 2nd of 6th in a 800 metre trial at Kembla Grange in May 2020. He is a lovely natured horse and we are very excited to see what his racing future holds.

And lastly, arriving at the stables only a few days ago is the most recent filly from Witches Hat being a Shamus Award filly.  Our initial thoughts on the filly are positive indeed.  She is well put together and, hopefully, will inherit the traits of her brothers and sisters which will enable her to continue the success of the bloodline.

Having all four offspring in work at the barn at the present time is certainly a happy moment for all the team.

Congratulations to Albert for his ongoing success with the mare, Witches Hat.

Photo credit to Illawarra Mercury.